Her Move Next Mission


The benefits of chess enrichment are well documented but less than 20% of scholastic chess players are girls. HerMoveNext.com's mission is to make chess accessible and fun for girls through tailoring dialogue, outreach, and social events that structure and promote participation in girls' chess and girls’ chess teams.

With the initial launch of the website, HerMoveNext.com is now screening the award winning Her Move Next short documentary, which ran exclusively first in film festivals from San Francisco, to New York, to London. Future updates of the HerMoveNext.com platform will highlight local, regional, and national girls' chess news, statistics, tournaments and more.

We encourage parents, coaches, clubs, afterschool programs, and teams to share their events, photos, stories and smiles posting to #HerMoveNext and @HerMoveNext social media, and to the HerMoveNext.com website. For opportunities and contributions to inspire the girls' chess movement, please contact us at HerMoveNext@gmail.com.