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HMN SEASONS 1-2 | Coach Chloe, an eighth-grade student at Chapin, an all-girls private school, has been a keen participant in the chess world for more than seven years. Having played competitive chess since she was five years old, Chloe has been a part of two accomplished chess teams, and has helped take both to city, state, and national-level successes. When she was in third grade, Chloe went from learning chess to teaching it, introducing her mother's friend to the game's strategy and tactics on a weekly basis upon arriving home from school. Chloe co-led her elementary school team in fifth grade, bringing them to a first-place New York City Championships victory, among other feats. In sixth grade, Chloe co-founded a chess club with two of her classmates, which she led throughout her time in middle school. Outside chess, Chloe is an avid writer, having amassed multiple poetry publications in Creative Communications' "A Celebration of Poets" and an honorable mention in literary magazine Stone Soup. Chloe has been a part of two school newspapers, writing articles for her elementary school's Spotlight and upper school's Limelight. This summer, Chloe will attend The New York Times' Summer Academy to take part in a creative writing course.

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