HerMoveNext | Coach Estelle


HMN SEASONS 1-2 | Coach Estelle, a sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School pursuing a major in engineering, is a coach and club assistant TD for HerMoveNext. She began her chess career in 2nd grade on PS 116’s nationally renown chess team. Estelle is currently on the Brooklyn Tech chess team where she helped the team on board 3 to place 4th at the 2018 Grade Nationals in the 9th Grade section.

Estelle has coached consecutive summers at ICN’s Manhattan chess camp. She especially enjoys coaching beginner chess students; Estelle’s students adore her because she really connects with them by making chess fun. Estelle has been a private tutor too, coaching chess to beginners throughout the academic year. She is part of an active chess family with both her sisters, Simone and Rose, regularly playing in competitive over-the-board tournaments together.

Estelle’s has other interests including soccer, music, and Taekwondo. She was the starting goalie for the Brooklyn Technical High School Girl's JV Soccer 2019 NYC PSAL championship winning team. This was a historic first championship title for the Brooklyn Tech girl's team. She also plays alto saxophone for her high school band and previously with her middle schools, that included Wagner SP and United Nations International School (UNIS). A martial arts instructor as well, Estelle is a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo studying to become a 4th degree master.