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HMN SEASONS 1-2 | Coach Maya, is a rising 9th grader at Stuyvesant, one of the most prestigious New York City high schools with a very strong chess team. She has been playing chess for 8 years, and it all started at her elementary school, P.S. 282, when her best friend joined the chess team. She joined thereafter and soon rose up the ranks amongst her peers. By fourth grade, she was the highest rated student on her K-8 team, and she helped the coaches teach the students. She switched schools to the Speyer Legacy School, where she remained through 8th grade. There she encountered better players who pushed her to work harder. She has won many tournaments locally, as well as nationally, all because of her passion and willingness to study chess. Outside of chess, she is a very strong mathematician, and has won many national awards at various difficult competitions. She also has won awards in the Scholastic Writing Competition for both her short story comedies and poetry. This summer she will be attending a math training camp to further pursue her interest.

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